We welcome you by saying Alii • Aloha • Bula • Hafa Adai • Hello • Iorana • Kaselehlie • Kiaora • Kulo Mululu • Len Wo • Malo E Lelei • Mauri • Mogethin • Ran Annim • Talofa • Yokwe!!

Founded in 2000, Islandmelody.com provides a wide selection of customized island music on the Internet. I humbly dedicate Islandmelody to musicians and advocates who share and preserves the rich heritage of Polynesian, Micronesian, and Melanesian music for many generations.

Music plays a vital role in our island culture and heritage. It captures history, culture, sadness, happiness, love, and peace.  Whether you’re an islander, friend, or music lover, I sincerely hope our melodies can add spice and serenade you, especially during challenging times of your life. We provide varieties of music selections to choose from, however, do not take my word, explore our web site.

Augustine B. Saimon